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This specialty spiritual leader coach training builds-on and accompanies our NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training program.

This course equips you to serve as an effective coach for those who are spiritual leaders. Their occupation places peculiar demands on their time and their well being. This program will help you identify and assist clergy members and other spiritual leaders to be more centered, effective, and balanced in their work and life.

Though spiritual leaders seek to have Sabbath time for themselves they are on call often 24/7/365 when someone in their care needs them. This places stresses on their lives.

In addition to the excellent training in NLP and Life Coaching that the iNLP Center offers, this certification program looks at unique characteristics of being a spiritual leader person. This course easily adapts to all faith traditions as many of the dynamics are the same.

A Spiritual Leader is often the CEO of a non-profit organization and has many administrative duties. They are also available for individuals who are ill or in distress, helping plan life events like baptism/dedication (initiation into the faith), marriage, burials, teaching things of faith, leading worship and offering a message of hope and direction on a weekly (or at least regular basis). They often represent their community in larger community events.
They are called upon to be visionary leaders and effective managers. These expectations can sometimes be conflicting and are often competitive for time and energy.

This course can assist an individual to discern best practices in the midst of competing demands and helping them keep their center.

life coaching for clergy members
Spiritual Leader Coach Certificate

What Areas will Spiritual Leaders Coach Training Focus On?

Some areas of dissonance for Spiritual Leaders can be:

  • Incongruence between one’s beliefs and the behavior of the people they serve
  • A desire to seek to measure one’s effectiveness by pleasing everyone
  • Wounds and/or trauma in one’s past that is unprocessed
  • Lack of technical skills for the specific ministry you are needed for
  • Being so busy doing ministry that one doesn’t take time for spiritual nourishment
  • Guided or bound by rules of conduct
  • Is NLP and Life Coach practices Biblically and/or Faith-based?
  • How can my skills be used with individuals, teams, groups, and communities?

As you study in the Coaching program you will readily find ways to address each of these issues.

Natural places that spiritual leaders may benefit from coaching include:

  • Beginning a new call or ministry — how to begin well
  • Transition points in ministry — as the nature of the ministry/call changes and a deeper understanding of the tasks of ministry unfold.
  • Discerning options and resources for areas of ministry.
  • Working through conflict — discovering resourceful ways to utilize the dynamics that lead to conflict in a way that “glorifies God and builds up the body of Christ.”
  • Balancing life and ministry — finding a healthy balance between ministry and its demands and the rest of life (family, relationships, etc.)
  • Facing “burn out” Discerning the end of call and transition from there to a future place
  • Ending a call well
  • Transition to retirement

Helping that Spiritual Leader with effective coaching can make not only a significant difference for him or her but for the communities they serve.

To effectively coach a clergy person can be a force multiplier as when they become more effective and centered, the communities they serve also benefit and will learn from that Spiritual Leader how to be better servers. Helping that clergy person will have secondary and tertiary benefits for many.

See What You’ll Learn in our Spiritual Leader Coach Training

In addition to our NLP-Integrated Life Coach Training, you will also cover the modules below:

Module 3 Life Metaphor
Unit 1 Metaphors
Unit 2 Types of Metaphor
Unit 3 How Metaphors Affect our Lives
Unit 4 A Life Straightening Out - Akiko's Story
Unit 5 Example Metaphors
Unit 6 Your Metaphoric Perspective
Unit 7 Physical Metaphors
Unit 8 Identifying Your Current Life Metaphor
Unit 9 Adopting a New Life Metaphor
Unit 10 My New Life Metaphor
Unit 11 • Psyche Builder: Life Metaphor
Unit 12 • Psyche Builder: Integrating Your New Life Metaphor
Unit 13 • Coaching Exercise: Metaphoric Intervention

Metaphor and Life Metaphor

The use of imagery or story to bring out a point that does not directly involve the client. Jesus used parables; we use metaphors often in common conversation. We will learn how to use this tool effectively in our coaching. Plus, you are privileged to work through a fantastic process with Mike Bundrant in establishing a life metaphor.

Module 4 Bounded or Centered Set
Unit 1 Overview of Bounded Set and Centered Set
Unit 2 • Psyche Builder - Bounded and Centered Set
Unit 3 Bounded Centered Set as a Meta Program
Unit 4 • Psyche Builder: Bounded/Centered Set as a Meta-Program
Unit 5 Bounded/Centered Set and Other NLP Techniques
Unit 6 • Coaching Exercise: Bounded/Centered Set and other NLP

Bounded or Centered Set

As you explore in the Life Coach courses motivations and orientations for individuals and how to access and enhance states of being to be resourceful and work through people in various situations, we will examine the concept of Bounded Set – Centered Set orientation.

We will look at which NLP concepts and tools and life coach tools will help people be more resourceful in either orientation. Bounded Set orientation tends to focus on either/or decisions and define their purpose by adhering to a set of rules.

Centered Set orientation tends to focus on moving to a center focus and will use any way to get there. Both orientations bring great strength and a great challenge.

Module 5 Four Journeys Model
Unit 1 Model Overview
Unit 2 • Psyche Builder: Four Journeys
Unit 3 Forward Journey – Lack of Technical Skills
Unit 4 Outward Journey – Unhealthy Relationships
Unit 5 • Psyche Builder: Outward Journey
Unit 6 Inner Journey- Unprocessed Wounds and/or Trauma
Unit 7 • Stealth Mission: Inner Journey
Unit 8 Upper Journey- Lack of Spirituality
Unit 9 • Psyche Builder: Upper Journey

Four Journey Model

The four-journey model is a metaphoric model for focus on areas that cause pastors to be stuck or even leave ministry. They involve helping awareness arise about technical knowledge and skills that may be lacking (forward); healthy relationships and balance in life (outward); processing previous wounding and trauma (inward); and losing spirituality (upward).

You will identify what Life Coach and NLP tools can assist you in coaching someone through these journeys.

Module 6 Stages of Faith Formation
Unit 1 Model Overview
Unit 2 Level One: Primal Faith & Intuitive-Projective Faith
Unit 3 • Psyche Builder: Levels of Faith Reflection
Unit 4 Level Two: Mythic-Literal Faith
Unit 5 • Psyche Builder: Mythic-Literal Faith and Needs
Unit 6 Level Three: Synthetic-Conventional Faith
Unit 7 • Psyche Builder: Synthetic-Conventional Faith and Needs
Unit 8 Level Four: Individuated-Reflective Faith
Unit 9 • Psyche Builder: Individuated-Synthetic Faith and Needs
Unit 10 Level Five: Conjunctive Faith
Unit 11 • Psyche Builder: Conjunctive Faith and Needs
Unit 12 Level Six: Universalizing Faith
Unit 13 • Psyche Builder: Universalizing Faith and Needs
Unit 14 • Coaching Exercise: Levels and Needs

Stages of Faith Formation and Psycho-Social Needs

James Fowler identified 6 stages of growth in faith that people can journey through, but as primary driver most live satisfying lives at any stage. Knowing where your client is, can assist you in resourceful coaching.

There are also some drivers at normal ages in life that we will examine as well. Not to label, but to assist you in being better prepared to assist your client.

Module 7 NLP and Books of Faith
Unit 1 Some NLP Concepts illustrated in the Bible and other books of Faith
Unit 2 • Question: NLP Concepts Illustrated in Books of Faith
Unit 3 Some Life Coach Concepts in the Bible and other books of faith
Unit 4 • Question: Life Coach Examples in Books of Faith

NLP and Books of Faith

NLP has only been around for 40-50 years but the principles behind NLP have been present throughout history and you can find much of this in the Bible and other Books of Faith.

We will explore stories and other writings from our books of faith that point to various NLP Concepts. That may assist us with clients who may feel the need to prove that your coaching is based on faith or Biblical.

Module 8 Group Work
Unit 1 Introduction and Overview
Unit 2 Dynamics of Public Settings
Unit 3 • Question: Dynamics of Public Settings
Unit 4 Dynamics of Group Settings
Unit 5 • Question: Dynamics of Group Settings
Unit 6 Dynamics of Team Settings
Unit 7 • Question: Dynamics of Team Settings

Group Work

Though coaching is usually a one to one relationship. You may be called upon or desire to use coaching & NLP in group settings. Most students seek to use the learning in their daily life so it should not be different for you.

We will examine how NLP and Coaching tools can be used with groups. We also will explore the differences between group coaching and team coaching.

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