Free Webinar – Cultivate Empowering Beliefs

Cultivating powerful new
beliefs will change
your life.

If you tend to sabotage your goals, it is because of personally held, conflicting beliefs.

Conflicted beliefs manifest conflicted behaviors.

The problem is, many limiting beliefs operate beneath the surface. Even though they affect you deeply, you may not be aware of them or how they work against you.

This mind-boggling riddle has been proven over and over by psychology researchers.

To cultivate new, empowering beliefs that
support your positive goals, you must:

1. Till the soil of your awareness to discover which beliefs affect you negatively.
2. Pull those beliefs out by their roots, eliminating their negative impact.
3. Plant in your consciousness new, empowering beliefs that support your goals and nurture them.

Join us for the free seminar, Cultivating Empowering Beliefs,
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1/19/13 at 6 PM PST

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In this live seminar with Mike Bundrant, you will learn:

• How limiting beliefs create self-sabotage, with specific examples. • How to transform limiting beliefs while you are pursuing personal goals. • How life coaches work with limiting beliefs to create lasting change.

By attending this free seminar, you will:

• Understand your mind and body in a new way, and develop a healthier self-respect. • Be able to pinpoint the specific source of your own self-sabotage or limitations. • Sabotage yourself LESS. • Develop greater patience for long-term goals. • Improve your motivation skills and get more done. Register now by filling out the form below! This free seminar is 30 minutes that could change the course of your life.

Upcoming dates:

1/19/13 at 6 PM PST

Click here for online attendance instructions


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