Awaken Your Inner Animal to Get the Most Out of Life!

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Ever feel like life is passing you by as if you were relegated to the sidelines while everyone else is having the time of their lives? If you are feeling this way, read on! This is just what the doctor ordered to awaken your inner animal.

You will never live fully unless you realize that you are in charge of your life. You call the shots. Translation: You are capable of living the life you want, but first you have to assume responsibility for yourself. The animal within you, waiting to gobble up the joys of this existence, is eager to receive your orders! You have got to learn how to take charge and begin calling the shots. Here is an outline of the process:

Stage I. Discover what your inner animal wants at this point in your life.

This is a tough one for so many people, who are stuck living someone else’s idea of what life is all about. This has got to stop! How will you ever arrive at fulfillment if you do not know what you want? How can you succeed if you don’t define success for yourself? How can you be satisfied if you don’t know what your tastes are?

What stops you from this level of self-discovery? Likely it is fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of displeasing parents, spouses and friends with your unique or strange ideas. Fear that relationships will be strained if you exert your individuality.

Here’s the thing. You can manage all that. Take one step at a time. Communicate with loved ones. You don’t have to rock the boat, but do you need to set your course. It can be done in tandem with nearly anyone, as long as you are fair about it. Relax. Take it slow, but get going.

Stage II. Believe that you are worthy of a good life.

Too many people believe they are not worthy of the good things in life. You are only as good as you believe you are. Think, believe and act like you are great! You cannot attract great things, people, and circumstances into your life when you are emitting low energy or feelings of unworthiness.

Tell yourself that you are great and that you are as deserving as anyone else. This is not based on ego, rather a right of being human and tapping into the same abundance that exists for everyone.

If acting as if doesn’t cut it, then you may need to delve into the feelings that hold you back and work through them with a coach or therapist. Excellent! This is a landmark opportunity for a breakthrough. It can be done safely and with great consideration of your overall needs.

Stage III. Develop an empowering mindset.

You need to develop this mindset: If it’s going to be, then it’s up to me! No one is going to just hand you the keys to the kingdom. You have to be bold enough to know what you want, believe you deserve it and then…act on it! Success is not about having what you want, but getting it. There is a world of difference.

Shoot for something great and you are bound to hit something worthwhile. Most people don’t hit anything because they never take a shot. They believe the “timing isn’t right yet”, or some kind of magical pixie dust will be sprinkled on them by an imaginary fairy. And before they know it, they miss out on the best parts of life!

Stage IV. Stay open

Ask most people who have achieved fulfillment – who have unleashed their inner animal on life and gotten somewhere wonderful – and they will tell you that they did not arrive where they originally intended. They are somewhere else and it is much better than they could have possibly imagined. This tends to happen because the smartest people stay open to how life responds and how plans need to change and develop along the way.

Flexibility is a major key to success. Rigid people quit when things inevitably go differently than expected. Flexible people adjust and keep moving forward!

Put these four stages together and you have the foundation for taking charge of your inner animal, the part of you that can’t wait – it’s just itching – to get out of that cage.

Awaken Your Inner Animal to Get the Most Out of Life!

It's good to share...

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