Program FAQ’s

How does your NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Training Certification programs work?

Our NLP Certification programs are 100% online. However, also included in your enrollment fee is the ability to attend live training sessions with certified iNLP Center Trainers in our online classrooms. You are not required to attend, they are an added benefit to enhance your training. We offer 20+ live training sessions per week that address the different modules of our courses.

Our Practitioner and Master Practiitoner Trainings are made up of 12 modules each which include workbooks, audio files, and video instruction. Once you enroll in our online NLP learning center, you will mmediately be redirected to a web page with a link to your course material and the links to attend the optional live training sessions, should you choose to do so.

For each module, you will print out or view the workbook, listen to the audio and watch the videos as the workbook directs. During each lesson, you will complete exercises and report on them online to receive a score and feedback. An 80% score is required to pass these courses. You have multiple times to submit your responses until you reach your 80% score. (Most students score above 80% on their first attempt.)

Once you have completed all modules, you will be able to request your certificate which is mailed or emailed, depending on your preference.

Can I take the Master Practitioner first?

No. The Master Practitioner is the second level of the Practitioner Certification. You must complete the NLP Practitioner Training before completing the Master Practitioner Training. You can enroll in both from the beginning, our NLP Combo.

How long does each course take to complete?

Our online NLP practitioner or master trainings are at your own pace.  Some modules may take longer than others depending on their complexity. The program will take as long as it takes for you to adequately learn the materials and complete the exercises.

The average times of completion:

Practitioner Training: 80 hours

Master Practitioner Training: 50 hours

Life Coach Training: 50 hours

The Trainer’s Training takes 4-6 weeks to complete (12 weekly two-hour sessions plus homework between sessions).

Some people work faster and some take more time. If you have had previous NLP experience, you may find you can move faster through the program. However, there is no deadline, so feel free to work at your own speed. You will always have unlimited access to the course material and can start and complete your course whenever you like.

Do I have to follow the order of the modules or can I pick and choose?

The material is presented to build upon itself, so we recommend that you follow the course material in order. Regardless of the program you choose, you will have full access to the entire course immediately upon enrolling. You may also use the non-certification personal development or issue-specific courses at your convenience. Unless previously arranged, you must complete the practitioner training before enrolling in the master training. Please inquire if you have completed your practitioner training elsewhere.

What if my English is not so good?

Students from over 60 countries are enrolled at iNLP Center. Because of this, we realize that many may not have great English skills (including those who are native English speakers). Our only requirement is that you are able to clearly communicate your understanding of the material through the required 30+ essay online responses you will submit throughout the certification courses. If we do not understand something you have written, we will provide feedback requesting clarification. If you can understand our Free NLP Webinar, you will do well in our courses.

How does the personal development program work?

Our Personal Development Program is a group of courses we created to address common challenges people face. This program is NLP-based and includes workbooks, audio files, and videos (depending on the course). This program is included, as a bonus, with our NLP practitioner training, or can be purchased separately. There is no certificate awarded for completion of this program.

Do I need internet access the entire time?

You will be able to download the workbooks, but all audio and video will be needed to be viewed or listened to online, which requires internet access. Additionally, the live training session are online as well and require internet access.

What if I encounter technical difficulties?

You can email us for help at any time and we will respond within 24 hours, many times immediately. You can contact us via Live Chat, email or call. We will do whatever we can to accommodate your difficulties.

How does the NLP Life Coach Certification Online Training work?

Our NLP Life Coach Training is a 3-part training which includes our NLP Practitioner Training, NLP Master Practitioner Training, and our Life Coach Training. If you enroll in the track from the beginning you will start with “My Coaching Vision” which includes a meeting with a trainer before moving into the NLP Practitioner Training. You will also have a check-in meeting between the Practitioner and Master Practitioner Trainings.

If you enroll in each of the three courses separately, you will not do your “My Coaching Vision” until you enroll in the third part, the Life Coach Training.

Are your trainings accredited?

Yes. All our trainings are accredited by the International NLP Association, the California Department of Marriage and Family Therapists, the Texas State Department for Social Workers, and the NAADAC (Association for Addiction Professionals).
Our NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Trainings are accredited by INA and ICF.
Our NLP Life Coach program is accredited by both the INA and IAPLC.

Our trainings and certifications are accredited internationally.

Read about our available online CEU courses.

What type of certificate will I get when I finish?

If you complete the NLP Practitioner training, you will receive a certificate that says you are a ‘Certified NLP Practitioner.’
If you complete the NLP Master practitioner training, your certificate will say you are a ‘Certified NLP Master Practitioner.’
If you complete the NLP Life Coach training, your certificate will say you are a ‘Certified NLP Life Coach.’
If you complete the NLP Trainer’s Training, your certificate will say you are a ‘Certified NLP Trainer.’

Each certificate will be printed with the iNLP Center seal of status, the International NLP Association logo, and any other applicable accreditation logo that you have selected and are qualified to receive.

Upon the successful completion of each course, you can request a printed certificate be mailed to your for free, or digital copy of your certificate emailed to you. Certificates are mailed/emailed out weekly.

Can I use my certification to practice anywhere?

Yes, you can use your new skills wherever you are. Our accreditation is international. However, we can not verify your particular countries policies regarding business laws. Please inquire with us if you have specific questions regarding our accreditation.

What is your refund policy?

We provide a 7-day guarantee on our NLP certification programs, provided you have not completed more than two modules. If you require a refund, simply email us and we will verify you meet the requirements and process your refund immediately.

Can I make payments instead of paying in full?

Yes, you can make payments on all training programs except the Personal Development programs.
•However, until your tuition is paid in full we will not issue your certificate. And of course, there is no pre-payment penalty.
• A 5% fee is built into the price of the monthly payments.  See payment plans.

Why is iNLP Center so affordable compared to other NLP Certificate Programs?

Our goal is to make NLP available to a larger amount of people by offering our training and certification program more affordable. By offering our courses  and live training sessions online, your enrollment fee doesn’t need to cover our overhead, because there is none! Plus, we also want to make learning the wonderful tools of NLP affordable to anyone who wants to learn.

Is my information safe?

Yes. Our learning center website is protected by an SSL certificate that ensures your personal information and payment information, is safe. Additionally, no one but our instructors will see your essay answers, unless you give permission for your essays to be used as reference library content.

How does your program work?

Read about our enrollment and online training process.

Is your online NLP training as effective as a in-person NLP training?

Yes, we have found our students enjoy the ability to the integrate the skills they are learning into their lives while they are learning. Our online format and assignments require you to practice and test what you are learning with the people and environments that you will ultimately be using it in, whether friends, family, co-workers, clients. There is no transisition between your learning and your real life, which allows you to integrate the material in a more organic way. Additionally, the way our training is designed, you are able to check with our trainers to make sure you are doing it right, all along the way. You don’t move on the next skills until you get the one before it right.

You are also able to attend live training sessions with your certified trainers in our online classrooms. This gives you the added ability to be taught the information and discuss what you are learning with them and other students. You can work on the material and participate in demonstrations. It’s the best of both formats without the travel, high costs, and inflexible schedule.

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What if I have a grievance?

We will do our best to address the issue. If you have a problem, please contact us immediately at [email protected] or call (951) 428-4264.

If you have questions we have not address, please feel free to contact us via Live Chat for the quickest response.

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