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Learn How to Get Your Own AHA’s Quicker and Apply them More Effectively with this Live Workshop!


What Happens When you Apply the AHA Solution to your Life?

A woman with lifelong hatred toward her mother let it all go. She still doesn’t like her mother as a person, but is no longer consumed with hate and is getting on with her life, finally productive and in touch with her own purpose.

A man who sabotaged his career success by withholding his best efforts is now totally energized and on track for a promotion.

A woman who felt taken for granted by her lazy husband is now drawing the line and enjoying the fruits of his newly found appreciation.

A woman who felt chronically lonely and deprived, but unwilling to go on dates is now making new friends and meeting men.

A brilliant but unmotivated teenager found his groove and now gets straight A’s and plans to go to college.

An entrepreneur with a great little business doubled her client based when she stopped sabotaging herself with fear.

A woman lost 30 pounds when she stopped sabotaging herself with food.

A woman discovered that NOT knowing her life purpose was actually a strange addiction to inner emptiness. She gave that up and is moving ahead with passion.

A mom with out-of-control kids finally took charge and earned their respect. Discipline and disrespect are no longer problems in that house.

No area of your life is immune from self-sabotage. And every area can improve – miraculously – when you give it up. The AHA Solution shows you how – and why.

AHA Solution Live Webinar Series: Course Outline

Layout 1Week One

Read Your Achilles Eel (provided)
Watch AHA Solution Intro Video

Introduction to Self-Sabotage
The Basic Neurosis
The Attachments: Control, Deprivation and Rejection

AHA Journal – identify a daily example of self-sabotage and categorize it
Study the 12 attachment types

Week Two

The 12 Attachment Types

Identify your attachment types in past journal entries.
Keep journaling, naming attachment types in new entries.
Watch AHA Solution Steps Video

Week Three

AHA Solution Steps

Apply AHA Solution steps to past journal entries
Apply AHA Solution to new examples of self-sabotage

Week Four

Inverted goal setting/affirmations
Common defenses: guilt, anger, fear, confusion, overwhelm, blame, self-deception, etc…

AHA Solution Live Webinar Series: The Details

• One 60-90 minute live training session each week for four weeks.

• This is an small group interactive workshop where you’ll have the opportunity to work on your self-sabotage behaviors and learn better and more effective strategies of applying the AHA Solution principles to your life.

• This training is conducted via Google Hangout so a webcam is recommended, but you can call in over the phone if you wish (toll charges may apply).

• You will be able to ask questions, make comments and get feedback in real time.

• You will be able to interact with other group members during short breakout sessions.

• You will have homework assignments between sessions to help you learn and apply the material.

• We will cover NEW material that has been developed in recent months and tested with coaching clients. “Inverted Goals” and “Truth Affirmations” are examples. This material has never been taught in a workshop of any kind before.

• The workshop is limited to 10 students.

• This workshop is conducted by Mike Bundrant, co-founder of the AHA Solution.


Four consecutive THURSDAYS from 4 pm – 5:30 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) GMT-8

March 5, 2015
March 12, 2015
March 19, 2015
March 26, 2015

Limit of 10 students accepted.

$295 for those who have NOT purchased the AHA Solution online program (the AHA Solution program is included).

$195 for those who have purchased the AHA Solution online program.





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